Identify: Know who's in your building

Create a safe and secure environment with TruBlue Sentry. With automated driver's license, state ID, or passport scanning, you know who entered and exited your building in real time, giving you vital information in case of emergency. For maximum security you can add sex offender or outstanding warrant information that is comprehensive, up-to-date, and accurate. Track any visitors: vendors, deliveries, lawyers, jurors, family members, etc., quickly, easily, and cost effectively.

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Alert: Discover a visiting "Person of Interest"

TruBlue Sentry can integrate with your warrant or "person of interest" databases, as well as our comprehensive sex offender database, to help identify visitors of special interest. When their ID is scanned, a private message alerts security and/or administration of the match, and you can act fast.

Track: Know when and where visitors come and go

With real-time, powerful reporting , you get an accurate count of who is in the building, when they are there, and where they go. The information gathered lets you make decisions that are based on quantifiable data. TruBlue Sentry's automated system takes human error out of the equation and keeps your visitor management operation running smoothly and efficiently.

Direct: Label visitors for authorized departments

With a glance, employees know a visitor's authorization status. Visitor badges are customized to show name, that day's photo, entry time, expiration time, and authorized department; badges develop a bright colored "VOID" symbol after 12 hours of use.

Learn how TruBlue Sentry can help your building become more efficient, safer and more secure.


Designed for your community building

Scans to record check-in and check-out times

Using building visitor management station

Record when visitors come in and out of your building

After 12 hours, a visitor's badge will indicates that their badge is expired


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