Identify All Visitors

Keep your population safe by knowing who your visitors are and managing that data efficiently and cost effectively. 


A quick scan of a state ID or driver's license identifies your visitors; you track which department they visit and time stamp their arrival and departure. You can create alerts for persons of interest, those with outstanding warrants, or perform a sex offender check.


It's a new way to provide security. It's TruBlue Sentry.

TruBlue Sentry Visitor Station

TruBlue Sentry is a complete Visitor Management System with all you need to increase security instantly: computer, monitor, software, keyboard, mouse, camera, printer, and scanner, mounted on an attractive, portable kiosk. The system is feature-rich, fast and easy to use. It manages new and returning visitors, temporary staff, jury members, and contractors with automated ease and gathers vital data that can be used for evidence-based decision-making and reporting.


Every visitor is assigned a permanent ID for ongoing tracking, and they can be receive a one-time or permanent badge, card or fob on the spot. Security staff has access to visitor data and can manage a visitor's status from the web 24/7.


​Security officers can access an optional sex offender database or outstanding warrants search, as well as any user-supplied database. Staff is quickly informed of a database match via computer screen alert, e-mail, text message or telephone call. 

Our visitor service is available in several software and hardware formats for maximum flexibility. Contact us today to learn how we can help make your building more secure.

Trublue Sentry

Visitor Station


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